Opening of Dutch TX 750 workstation and store.

At Saturday June 5th during dutch TX 750 meeting we opened ”the Wolters&Sons TX 750 shop” .
Just watch the pictures to know what this is all about.








Unknown Valve Cover?

Hi there , My name is Mark Reed and I am calling from Queensland Australia. Have attached photo of a valve cover that I have found in my box of spares and was wondering if you have seen any of these before. Where they from a pre production model. Any information on the case would be helpful . I also have a few spare parts for sale, (deep sump conversion, valve cover. exhaust manifold. Carbies and other bits and pieces if you are all interested in. Let me know and I can sent some more photos over. Thanks Mark.

Reaction From Garry Hocking:

The “non-standard” TX valve cover photo provided by Mark Reed is from the police model TX750 – I also have one of these. The police model even had its own model number – 435 rather than 341.
It seems there is another TX750 owner in Australia I was not aware of! – perhaps Mark’s contact details can be made available.

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